Cartoons of Alevtina

Caricature at Alevtina


Alevtina, translated from drevnepyatikantropskogo adverbs reads «Cutting legs», which means - “striving for beauty.”

Eventually Alevtina becomes capricious desires, ignoring the rest. Her temperament is comparable to the rupture of wild cucumber - unexpected and indescribable. Stealth looks out over his environment, and all “trust.” It can be pleasing, but rarely. He considers himself indispensable.

Seeks male rapidly that imposed its romance and hypocrisy, and the inevitable self-gratification. Similar to the relatives and partners. It should be easy: easy Alevtina in marriage, despite the fact that she fidget, Sonya and excellent mother.

Alevtina - the type of leader. And her confidence and passion is often taken as a separatist, moderation in eating, because the sexy, softness - the quantity, of the outstanding leader.

Alevtina sometimes spud svoy inner world, goes to the garden coiffed. However, the soft slap in early childhood can help the formation Alevtina.