Caricature of accountant
  bookkeeper, accountant



Caricature of our own, beloved by all, the chief accountant Alevtina. Very long thought that the gift she put on a fool.

Wear a fool we were not able to give and nothing came up.

Bookkeeper — people who ate a dog in the field of accounting. One of the oldest and most important profession, but prostitution is older. Without it can not do any self-respecting company.

The concept of «accountant» appeared long before the Soviet Union. In 1498 king unforgettable Roman Empire appointed accountant Germanskoy heartland Christopher Stecher.

Bookkeeper — rapscallion who is knowledgeable in the accounting system, taking into account existing laws and the lack thereof. Bookkeeper charged - on time and competently otslyunyavit taxes and be accountable to the government, creditors and parties, monitor the status of the account office and reduce the debit with the credit.