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How to invite the artist's silhouette on holiday

For entertaining guests, making some of the exotic to the event, giving the individual holiday invite artists silhouette. It's no secret, good silhouette in our time is difficult to find. I'm doing it for many years and found that in Moscow these artists Silhouette of two men. In this regard, similar proposals "Silhouette" dubious. If you want to Silhouette, contact me and you at the party will cut silhouettes of professional artist-silhouette.

Cutting silhouettes, profiles at a wedding, exhibition, anniversary, parties and other events

Silhouette can be cut in the form of a portrait or the whole figure as a whole, in full growth. It can be as serious and grotesque. Artist carves silhouette silhouette profile of a certain color of paper with special scissors. Most often used for cutting out black paper.

Cutting silhouettes sometimes requires a couple of minutes, and a good impression remains forever.

A distinctive feature of the master, among other things, as is the fact that it works immediately, without a pencil sketch.

Silhouette is pasted on a sheet of prepared paper or card. If you cut a female, male, child or family silhouette and draw a box, then get fabulously memorable little thing.

Designer Silhouette

Now, as they were centuries ago silhouette artist's work finds its use at festive events. Today silhouette pleases audiences at weddings, days of the city, banquets, birthdays, presentations and other events, and the very first silhouettes appeared in the Stone Age, long before the appearance of paper. They were drawn by artist-silhouette with red clay and other minerals on the walls of caves, carved out of wood and grind out silhouette of stone and bone.

History of art of silhouette

As you know, the art of the silhouette of one of the oldest. After the silhouettes of the cave wall paintings, stone and bone, came “modern” - paper silhouettes. Until paper silhouettes, however, were more mats profile. The emergence of China's paper was a powerful impetus for the development of various crafts. All famous Chinese ink, watercolor, Japanese origami, and our native paper silhouette.
Chinese Silhouette stood in orderly rows at the imperial court, and cut its silhouette, while a seemingly mindless, but in fact hitryuschie Pekinese ran on British lawn trimmed and ratcheted up his feet for small and needy unnecessarily. In that distant time to receive the most exquisite profile, otherwise the head with a flying shoulder silhouette. Wealthy citizens are painted intricate designs of their homes and bodies are not worse than the silhouette of the Stone Age. The windows were harems lattice wrought and carved profile in the form of intricate silhouettes. The silhouette was everywhere. For example, in France in 18 century at the court of King Louis 15 th was seen nimble Frenchman, who deftly carved and painted silhouettes on Anything. His name of this minister - the silhouette Etienne de Silhouette. Since then, the word "Silhouette" rooted to this type of services and entertainment so that not even otrezhesh Clippers doped profile.
In Russia shirilos movement of guest workers: at the court of German women - the Queen Catherine 2 nd moonlighting ink drawing, cutting out silhouettes and profiles Frenchman Sido. At corporative at number 2 intricately Catherine Aborigines, coming to know and the nobility were cut silhouette for a sweet soul of all as one. Among the victims of the artist-silhouette were Apraksin Dashkov, Potemkin, Menshikov. In our time the art of silhouette is widespread in advertising, publishing, tattoo. Logo - is nothing more than a stylized silhouette. We recall logos with silhouettes of animals, people, letters of the alphabet. Widespread architectural silhouettes, for example, the silhouette of Moscow, the silhouette of St. Petersburg and other cities. Silhouettes of monuments, plants and animals with covers of books and journals threaten to spill over to the wallpaper and the walls of apartment houses. Turn off the lights! They crawl into the light!